Gruber Logistics

Contact Information:
Stefano Lotto.
Gruber Logistics BV.
Avelingen West 3B,
4202 MS Gorinchem,
Telephone: +31 18 36 69 802
Fax: +31 18 36 69 810

Gruber Logistics B.V.

As an internationally active shipping- and logistic company, Gruber Logistics is your competent partner for “Normal– and Heavy-Load Special transports” with over 75 years of experience in transporting exceptional goods all over the world. Founded in 1936 by Josef Gruber, it is still controlled by Gruber family, in its third generation. Our international minded team has made possible a constant growth, reaching today the amount of 21 branches all over Europe. The business of Gruber Logistics is focused on different aspects of the logistics. In particular our firm presents six business units: international full truck loads, international distribution, logistics services, air & sea freight, international exceptional freight and project cargo. We are able to exploit our great experience, managing complex projects in a professional and efficient way. Our fleet consists of more than 500 transport units. All our trailers are also equipped for the transport of self-propelled equipment and our drivers are experienced in the handling of all kind of construction machinery. We are also in possession of all possible continuous permits for special transport services throughout Europe. For more information about the Gruber-Logistics group please feel free to visit our website, or contact us directly to receive a competitive offer for any of your enquiries. .